Friday, March 3, 2017

Welcome to Olsen Farms!

Olsen Farms is a small family farm located in a mountain valley in Northeastern
Washington, just north of Colville. We grow over 20 varieties of potatoes of various colors, textures, and culinary uses. We specialize in hand sorting and packing each order specific to the customer’s desired size and variety.
We also produce high quality meats from our sustainably raised farm animals.  Our Angus cattle eat only the grasses, hay and potatoes grown on our farm and our pigs eat barley grown by a neighbor.  Our lambs migrate through eastern Washington so they can eat green grass for most the year.  All of our beef, pork and lamb is processed at Smokey Ridge Meats, our own USDA facility in Chewelah, WA.

Olsen Farms is committed to enhancing the rural economy and stewarding farmland for wildlife habitat. Sustainability and direct marketing are the roots of our family farm and strengthening biodiversity is a clear benefit of our farming approach. Common companions at our farm include deer, elk, moose, eagles, bear, wolves, coyotes, and lots and lots of wild turkeys.

We enjoy interacting one-on-one with our customers whether it be at farmers markets, in restaurant kitchens or on the doorsteps of personal homes where we're happy to deliver. In addition to the year-round challenge of maintaining healthy livestock, the potato season begins with planting in early May. Harvest starts in July. Many varieties are available year round from our modern potato storage facility.  We also spend several weeks in the summertime cutting and baling many tons of hay for the winter.

Olsen Farms was started in the mid-90s by Brent Olsen.  His mother Merna, wife Kira, and two young daughters Nora and Lila, live and work alongside him at the farm.  Brent travels weekly to Seattle, where you can meet him at many local Farmers Markets.

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